Brass Key Locksmith Home Security Door Locks

Brass Key Locksmith is the premier locksmith company in Santa Cruz, California. Our team of locksmith professionals find that most people don’t often think about home security door locks installed in the doors of their homes, even though they use the door locks on a daily basis and depend on them as the first line of security devices for their family.

When it comes to the door locks you install, you have a variety of different options, but that often results in several keys to carry around for each separate door lock. In this day and age, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make accessing your home as easy and simple as possible. There is no reason why one key shouldn’t be able to access every door in your home, inside and out as well as any out buildings you may have.

There are several benefits to rekeying every lock in your Santa Cruz, CA home so you only need one key to access all of your home security door locks.

The benefit to rekeying your home locks so they can all be opened with one key is the security and peace of mind it brings. If you have recently moved into a new residence replacing all your home security door locks should be a very high priority. There is no telling how many individuals have keys to your locks. It is foolhardy to rely on the memories of the last occupants of your home to remember if there are others who have keys to your doors. Even if you have lived in your home for years the new technologies available for home security door locks can give you the peace of mind you desire, and having a single key for all your door locks gives you the convenience your busy life deserves.

When you only need one key to access the doors in your home, you only have a single key to secure in order to control access to your home. The fewer keys you have to keep track of, the easier it is to keep account of all your keys and to know where each key is. You can make a copy of the single key and give that copy to the people you trust – allowing you to maintain security and know who has access to your home security door locks.

Many people who consider using a single key for all their home locks wonder if that means that every lock system has to look the same. This is not the case. We at Brass Key Locksmith in Santa Cruz, CA can install home security door locks that match the aesthetic you want to achieve for every door in the house. We can make the lock on your front door look like a front door lock, back and side doors can have their unique look, and the locks on your bedroom and bathroom doors can each be distinctive as well.

If you want higher home security, we at Brass Key Locksmith in Santa Cruz, CA also supply high security door locks such as Medeco locks, Mul-T-Lock or Schlage Primus locks for residential and commercial buildings.

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