Brass Key’s Cutting-Edge Auto Locksmith Technology

016Gone are the days when the corner key cutter could make a functional copy of your car key. Transponder technology means specialized equipment is needed to program a chip embedded in the key. Now installed in most modern vehicles, transponder keys have significantly lowered automobile theft.





Boat Keys, Motorcycle Keys, RV Keys, ATV Keys, Classic Car Keys

Customers from Santa Cruz, San Jose, and as far away as San Francisco have turned to Brass Key Locksmith for key making and key duplicating. With their vast assortment blanks at the ready Brass Key can easily create keys for all your vehicles.










Lost Car Keys In Downtown Santa Cruz

“My husband and I spent a few hours one night in Santa Cruz cruising the bookstores and then grabbing a bite to eat. We got back to our car and discovered I didn’t have the keys. We went back to the bookstores and the cafe hoping someone turned in our keys. Nope — what an ordeal! Brass Key Santa Cruz helped us a while back by installing some deadbolts, so I called them. The locksmith arrived and made a car key for us on the spot. It was great! I highly recommend Brass Key Locksmith. Nice people!” — Susan W., Scotts Valley