Access Control Systems

Business Of All Sizes, Schools, Hospitals, Homes, Apartment Complexes

Brass Key Locksmith is a full-on security shop, offering sales and installation of the most sophisticated locking and access systems. You’d be hard-pressed to find another company such as ours, San Jose or beyond, who has our same expertise while still offering extremely friendly pricing for access control systems.

We have a lot of capabilities but we never push. For businesses large and small to single homes, or for any facility where you want to know who’s coming and going, Brass Key can do it all.Why? With our all-encompassing locksmith experience, coupled with the knowledge of security integration, together,we really “can do it all.”

Say you you have a business and you want to rid your company of a disgruntled employee right away. From your computer, you can simply hit a couple of keys which will immediately cancel this person’s access card. That’s it!

Oh, and this same deletion process can also be performed from any mobile device. Brass Key Locksmith Santa Cruz will advise you all the security options, and from there they’ll customize a lock and security system which fits your business’ needs.


Brass Key Provides Badging Systems, One Button Lockdown, Automated Locking Systems, Off Site Management Controls,Remote Management, Key Fobs, Proxi Cards & Much More

From door release systems, electric locks, Brass Key offers these and many other solutions for your lock and security needs ― be it a single garage door that houses your prized, all original 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, or a corporation with 100 stores, the management software will allow security managers global control of those same 100 stores, inside, outside, plus the factory, the warehouse, shipping, and the loading doc.

Brass Key Locksmith Santa Cruz can make this happen for your business.

Audit trails are in high demand these days as companies want the ability to follow people who are coming and going within their facilities… this could also include trucks and delivery arrival and departure times. Facility managers, thanks to Brass Key Santa Cruz, can assign particular security levels, for a one-day entry or more.


“We’re Passionate About Designing A Quality Lock & Security System Just For Your Business!”

ADA Door Openers, Door Assists, Electric Strikes & More

If you’re curious about access systems, automated lock systems, auto lock and unlock systems, door operators, long range readers or, badge reader card or fobs, well then get off the Internet and call Brass Key Locksmith ― where real people who know what they’re doing will take the necessary time to answer all your questions.

Brass Key really enjoys this end of the business. It’s fun. It can be challenging but we like a good challenge. But it’s great when it all comes together and an access control system is working just as we envisioned.

As the best locksmith and security company in Santa Cruz, possibly the entire Central Coast, Brass Key Locksmith Santa Cruz has always carried products and accessories from only top-notch suppliers. For access control components, you can expect to find quality brand names sold and installed by locksmith technicians.